Case Report

Dysautonomia in a cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa patient: evidence of systemic evolving?

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (1): e505
DOI: 10.53238/br_20244_505

  Topic: Vasculitis     Category:

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Rotator cuff repair just in local anesthesia is possible

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (3): e497
DOI: 10.53238/br_202312_497

Gout successfully treated with diet and benzbromarone in a living kidney donor

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (1): e463
DOI: 10.53238/br_20233_463

  Topic: Metabolic syndrome     Category:

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Focal Scleral Nodule and Scleroderma: report of one case and an observational series

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (2): e394
DOI: 10.53238/br_20228_394

  Topic: Systemic sclerosis     Category:

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Uveitis following COVID-19 vaccination: a case report and a literature review

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (1): e379
DOI: 10.53238/br_20223_379

A case report of calcific aterosclerosis demonstrated on 18-F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography

Beyond Rheumatology 2021; 3 (3): e315
DOI: 10.4081/br.2021.70

  Topic: Vasculitis     Category:

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Rheumatic immune-related adverse events from checkpoint inhibitor therapy: a case series

Beyond Rheumatology 2021; 3 (2): e292
DOI: 10.4081/br.2021.65

  Topic: Rheumatologic immuno-related adverse events     Category:

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