Position paper of the Italian College of Rheumatologists (CReI) on herpes zoster vaccination

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (3): e443
DOI: 10.53238/br_202212_443

  Topic: Vaccination     Category:

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Comparison of elderly and young onset rheumatoid arthritis

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (3): e445
DOI: 10.53238/br_202212_445

  Topic: Rheumatoid arthritis     Category:

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Advances in imaging for the assessment of calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (3): e447
DOI: 10.53238/br_202212_447

  Topic: Imaging     Category:

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Focal Scleral Nodule and Scleroderma: report of one case and an observational series

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (2): e394
DOI: 10.53238/br_20228_394

  Topic: Systemic sclerosis     Category:

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Intra-articular ultrasound-guided injections, description of the capsular ultrasound reference line, CURL: a new ultrasound landmark for intra-articular infiltrative therapy of the knee and the hip

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (2): e392
DOI: 10.53238/br_20228_392

The role of pain, upper limb functioning and radiological changes in patients with thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional study

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (2): e398
DOI: 10.53238/br_20228_398

  Topic: Osteoarthritis     Category:

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Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis: from aetiology to treatment

Beyond Rheumatology 2022; 4 (2): e396
DOI: 10.53238/br_20228_396

  Topic: Vasculitis     Category:

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