Beyond Rheumatology is the new official Journal of CReI (Collegio dei Reumatologi Italiani), a scientific society that brings together outpatient care centers and hospitals rheumatologists. The aim of the Journal is to build a platform for high-quality scientific exchange between the different experts in the real life. It will be focused on publishing new discoveries on diagnostic, prognostic, clinical and therapeutic topics about rheumatology and allied conditions.


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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on septic arthritis management: a monocentric retrospective study

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (2): e530
DOI: 10.53238/br_20247_530

  Topic: COVID-19     Category:

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Quercetin supplementation in rheumatological diseases: a scoping review

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (2): e533
DOI: 10.53238/br_20247_533

  Topic: Rheumatic disease, Rheumatoid arthritis     Category:

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Food allergies and intolerances in patients with fibromyalgia: the state of the art

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (1): e509
DOI: 10.53238/br_20244_509

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Study Group in Collegio Reumatologi Italiani: workup activity

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (1): e507
DOI: 10.53238/br_20244_507

Dysautonomia in a cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa patient: evidence of systemic evolving?

Beyond Rheumatology 2024; 6 (1): e505
DOI: 10.53238/br_20244_505

  Topic: Vasculitis     Category:

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Rotator cuff repair just in local anesthesia is possible

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (3): e497
DOI: 10.53238/br_202312_497

Aplastic anemia complicating eosinophilic fasciitis: a literature review

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (3): e489
DOI: 10.53238/br_202312_489

Is it correct to attribute the first description of Polymyalgia Rheumatica to Dr. William Bruce?

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (3): e491
DOI: 10.53238/br_202312_491

New frontiers in Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnosis and treatment: a literature review

Beyond Rheumatology 2023; 5 (3): e487
DOI: 10.53238/br_202312_487

  Topic: Sjögren’s syndrome     Category:

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